Chilly Hill Design Site Evaluation
So you've got yourself a nice web site. Are you getting the traffic you want? Is the site serving the customers as well as it could? How do you get the most out of your site?

Some times no site is better than a poor site.

Chilly Hill Design can provide you with a page by page evaluation of your site. We will provide you information regarding many aspects of your site.

Service cost will depend upon the complexity of your site. Security and standards evaluation of HTML, JavaScript or your site code (Perl, C/C++, Java) is also available.

Please contact us with your questions regarding these services.

Evaluations are to help you do your business better. They are not for Chilly Hill Design to generate business opportunities. You are under no obligation to act on the evaluation. Of course, if you would like to engage Chilly Hill Design to change your site we would be happy to discuss that service.

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